Stepping Back

Because of some adjusted priorities, I have reverted some of my blogs to drafts and "unpublished" my Facebook page. Both are saved and may be displayed again later.

Regarding songs, free .mp3s are available here for the songs from the collection (renamed) Great God and here for the songs from High Priest. They will work on any audio player and can be burned to CDs. Because of a few of the lyrics and things I sang, I wanted to remove them from digital distribution. Adjusted priorities = things I do and do not want to lead other people in. 

However, many years ago, when I published the two records with CD Baby, they had to be grouped together under each collection's title. So I could not remove individual songs without taking each record down entirely. I am Truly sorry if this impacted your music collection.

I hope to offer refunds for the unforeseeable future as well as a place for donations if this music is new to you. Please check back if you are interested in that. Thank you.